My Dreads Are Thinning and Falling Out


My dreads are thinning and falling out, what can I do? That’s a common questions among many of our clients. As old age kicks in, you may start to experience locs thinning at significant amounts. In other cases, thinning dreadlocks are caused by hereditary factors or nutrient deficiencies. In most cases, hair thinning isn’t related […]

How To Get Rid Of Build-Up In Dreadlocks

How To Get Rid Of Build-Up In Dreadlocks

While dreadlocks are a cool hairstyle that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, hygiene becomes an issue especially if you regularly use heavy styling products such wax. When used they can result in a significant amount of build-up that you’ll have to clean in the long run. In this article, we’ve gathered different methods on […]

How to Deep Clean Dreadlocks

How to Deep Clean Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks aren’t a dirty hairstyle, although they can be if you don’t take care of them. If you’re like me and are conscious of every product that goes in your hair, you probably go the extra mile to protect your dreadlocks and keep them healthy. One of the major concerns for those with dreadlocks is […]

18 Essential Oils for Dreads

essential oils dreadlocks locs

Properties of essential oils for dreads There are four main characteristics of essential oils: They don’t contain any fat They are volatile and evaporate easily They are oluble in vegetable oil and water-hating They are liquid and almost colorless Furthermore, their antiseptic properties help fight dandruff on the scalp and help soothe itching. They also […]

Coconut Oil and Dreadlocks

dreadlocks coconut oil

Coconut oil is a versatile product that’s not only a great healthy alternative but also great in hair treatment. It has unique qualities that not only make it a great addition in your kitchen cabinet but also your bathroom shelf. Here’s a detailed guide we’ve compiled to help you understand and enjoy the full benefits […]

What Oil Is Good For Dreads

the best oils for dreads

Most people often ask, what oil is good for dreads? Well, the answer to that question depends on a different factors. Such as your locs requirements, sensitivity to oil and others. In this article, we’ll discuss a detailed comparison between essential oil and vegetable oil, a buyer guide and how to use the oils with […]

How to Do an ACV Rinse on Locs

ACV rinse locs

Get comfortable because we are about to answer all your FAQs on how to do a ACV rinse on locs! Have you ever wondered what’s inside your dreadlocks? Of course you have! There are scores of YouTube videos created by people who simply cut open locs and show on camera what’s inside. Sometimes the locs […]

Itchy Scalp With Dreadlocks – How Do I Make it Stop?

itchy scalp dreadlocks

Article updated on the 19/04/2020.  Do you have dreadlocks and have been experiencing an itchy scalp? Locs themselves are not responsible for the itch. Discover the causes, symptoms and treatment for itchy scalp with tips and tricks to help you eliminate itching. The Causes of Itchy Scalp With Dreadlocks Itchy scalp, also know as scalp […]

How to Treat Dandruff on Dreadlocks


Let’s talk about Seborrheic dermatitis aka dandruff. This is the inflammatory skin condition which affects almost half the population and which is the main reason for dandruff. So if you thought you are alone, think again! We’ve put together a guide on how to treat dandruff on locs that will help you stay safe and […]

Wax vs. Gel for Dreadlocks – What Should You Use?

Wax vs. Gel for Dreadlocks main image

Most beginners in the world of dreads have one, big question on their minds when it comes to starting, maintaining, and styling their locs. What product should I use? Should I go for wax or gel? I agree that it can get extremely confusing, especially when you’re new to this and all you have to […]