Your Dreadlock Accessories Guide

dreadlock accessories

Do you have dreadlocks and you would like to spice them up a little? Decorate and celebrate your dreadlocks with a range of dreadlocks accessories that match your personality or the season.

When can you start adding accessories to your dreads?

We recommend you to start adding dread accessories when your hair is fully mature. Why? Because wearing accessories consistently on your baby dreads might end up altering permanently the shape and the maturation process of your dreadlocks. It can also result in your dreadlocks breaking if the accessories is too heavy compared to the new dreads.

With that said, you can also start playing with accessories with your dreads. Let say that you have an event to attend, you can add a few jewelries for the day and remove them once the event is over.

In this case, we recommend you to add your jewellery to a ring and attach the ring to the strong part of your dreads.

Watch the video below for inspiration:

Where can you buy dreadlock accessories?

We offer a range of dreadlock accessories for all loc sizes.

Click here to view the range.

The different types of dreadlock accessories

From shells to beads, from threads to headbands, they are various dread accessories to bring colours to your dreads.

Dreadlock beads

Beads can be made with metal, fabric, wood (including bamboo), shells, gems and so on.

Stainless steel beads will last you longer compared to other metal beads.

Click here to view the range of dreadlock beads.

the best dreadlock beads

Dreadlock threads

This is the best way to add some colours to your dreads. You will need some cotton or silk thread.

Below are great tutorials to help you add thread to your dreads.


Look like a queen/king by wearing a headscarf.

You can have the dreadlocks peaking at the top or you can have them fully covered.

Below is a great tutorial to help master wrapping your dreadlocks with a scarf:

How to add your bead to your dreadlocks

Put the hook thought the beads, hook the dreads to the crochet then pull the beads onto the loc. Move the ring up the dreadlock until the bead is fitted tightly enough and feels secure, so it won’t slide off.

  1. A crochet hook.
  2. A bobby pin.
  3. A thread.
how to add beads to dreadlocks
Crochet hook to add beads to your dreadlocks

Here is a video explaining how to do it:

How to choose your dreadlock accessories

As always, size matters. When looking into loc jewelry, look into the sizing to make sure that your dreads will fit into the bead. Measure how big your loc is and refer to the guide on the product page.

Should you remove your dreadlock accessories before washing your dreads

Depends of the accessories that you have in your dreads. Anything that is metal other than stainless steel will start rusting in contact with water. This is why stainless steel beads are more expensive, it’s because the material has a better quality. So if you would like to keep your accessories as long as you can, remove them before washing your dreads.