Dreadlocks Styles for Men

dreadlocks styles men

Last year was a true game changer for men in terms of hairstyling. The world was taken by storm by a new approach to the classic dreadlocks when Michael B. Jordan stole the spotlight as Killmonger in the smash hit Black Panther. His innovative dreadlocks were subsequently copied by thousands and reproduced in hundreds of how-to tutorials on YouTube. Luckily, that trend has carried on into 2019.

Here are a few amazing ways in which you can wear your dreadlocks this year!

A Fresh Approach to the Michael B Jordan Dreadlocks

Michael B. Jordan dreadlocks

Let’s start off with the man who brought back dreadlocks to everyone’s attention. Michael B. Jordan in his role in Black Panther turned heads, pun intended. However, if this was good enough for 2018 hair trends, you need to step up your game this year.

The first thing you can go for is a fade. If you already have a set of short or medium dreads styled like Michael’s and you need an upgrade, nothing simpler. Try a fade on both sides and in the back. Evidently, a well-trimmed beard is a must.

Dreadlocks with fade


Another trend that has carried on in 2019 is the fauxhawk. In case you’re in need of a quick explanation, a fauxhawk is any hairstyle that replicates traditional Mohawks without actually asking you to shave your head or putting your hair up in spikes like punkers used to do.

fauxhawk with dreadlocks


Which one do you like best? Bangs, braids, ponytails or heavy jewellery? That’s the beauty of it! 2019 doesn’t make you choose between these styles. This long set of bangs is made entirely of dreadlocks and it’s an accessory to a wicked 90s ponytail. Plus, it comes with a magnificent neck tattoo! Optional, of course!

bangs with dreadlocks


Unconventional colours are still a huge thing in 2019 so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t jump on this trend as soon as possible. I’ve chosen an example of cobalt blue, but you can get any shade you want.

blue dreadlocks


Can Dreadlocks Revive the Man Bun?

The man bun can be rightfully called the hairstyle of the decade if we’re referring to the 2010s. It has been the most talked about and most debated, for that matter, hairstyle for men in the past ten years. Voices rose in heated argument everywhere to either support men’s rights to wear this gorgeous hairdo or to disrepute it as androgynous.

young man with man bun and dreadlocks


However, no matter which side you choose to take, one thing is certain. The man bun had its moment of glory in the sun when everyone was wearing it and talking about it. Then it was gone. Nowadays it has been replaced by pompadours and fades as the preferred hairstyles for men. But can dreadlocks save it?

asian man with dreadlocks man bun


There is absolutely no doubt that dreadlocks can save anything. The main reason is that dreadlocks have the unique quality of looking both elegant and casual, depending on how you style them. This means that a man bun of dreadlocks fits a hipster wearing a novelty T-shirt, a businessman on his way to a meeting wearing a smart and well-tailored suit, as well as an impeccably dressed fashion guru lounging on the beach in a tropical shirt.

hipster dreadlocks man bun


business man dreadlocks man bun


man on beach with dreadlocks man bun


You can take it a step further and choose dreadlocks as your wedding hairstyle in 2019. Accentuate your man bun with a carefully selected colourful hair accessory and then match your tie or pocket square to it. Colour coordinate with the bride for extra romance points in the wedding of your dreams!

wedding man bun dreadlocks


How to Wear a Head Scarf with Dreadlocks in 2019

If you have dreadlocks, head scarves are a must in your wardrobe for two huge reasons. They are a fantastic way to breathe new life into any outfit and hairstyle you might be wearing in a matter of minutes. And, secondly, head scarves protect your locs from damage, such as rain, snow, sweat or windy days.

medium dreadlocks with head scarf


There are lots of ways in which you can wear a trendy head scarf. If you feel a bit lost, simply find a few YouTube tutorials that will walk you through the process of tying the scarf and arranging it in a fashionable way. Otherwise, you can begin with a simple and urban style. Put your dreadlocks up in a loose man bun and tie the head scarf around it so that it covers your roots and forehead. This works great too if you have a bit of growth and you want to mask it.

man bun dreadlocks and head scarf


Alternatively, you can go for an open turban style that will allow your dreadlocks to breathe. Not to mention that the gap on top of the turban makes it possible for you to flaunt your beautiful locs. Choose a lively colour for summertime such as aqua or turquoise and a more demure one for the cold season. Bring up the dreadlocks in a ponytail that will have them sit upright in case they are medium-sized.

turban dreadlocks ponytail


Another type of turban is one which covers more of your forehead and has a rolled up edge. This one works particularly well if your dreadlocks are longer. The man bun on top or even the loose or messy ponytail will spill over the edges of the rolled up head scarf in a fashionable way. This is a perfect style for the beach.

rolled up head scarf dreadlocks


Denim dreadlocks? Yes, please! These pastel blue locs are made from yarn and are the perfect addition to your wardrobe if you are a denim maniac! However, this doesn’t mean that you have to stick to yarn. This is just one of the many modern dreadlock trends. If you already have locs, you can easily colour them using a permanent or even temporary dye in the pastel shade of your choosing. Select a head scarf to match!

pastel blue locs


The amazing thing about the best dreadlocks styles for men is that there is no limit to how creative they can get. The only thing standing between you and the perfect hairstyle is your imagination. And a good hairstylist, of course!