How to Retwist Dreads


In this guide, I’m going to teach you how to retwist dreadlocks.

While most people believe that dreadlock is a hairstyle that doesn’t require any form of maintenance, the opposite is true. One of the major dreadlock’s maintenance method is retwisting.

What is the retwisting dreadlocks maintenance?

Re-twisting is a method that aims to tighten dreadlocks at the roots. The loose hair is wrapped around the loc, from the root, palm-rolled and leave it to dry twisted.

You need to spin the loc until it creates enough tension to compress it. You can apply some light gel on the loose hair as you work it in as you twist it around in a clockwise direction.

Should you retwist clockwise or anti-clockwise?

Retwisting can be done in either direction, either clockwise or counterclockwise. The most important thing is ensuring that the twisting direction is consistent.

How to retwist dreads?

  1. Wash your dreadlocks using a residue-free shampoo. If you don’t know how to clean your dreads, here is a step by step guide on how to wash dreadlocks. However, if you haven’t clarified your dreads for a while is a detailed guide on how to deep clean dreadlocks.
  2. Get your tools ready. You will need several things to do a retwist maintenance: a towel, clips, a light gel-like Loc and Twist gel d’ORS, and a water spray. You’ll use water spray when the hair starts to dry up.
  3. Apply some gel to the base of a loc.
  4. Twist the loose hair at the base of the loc in a single direction until all the hair is pulled into the loc. Concentrate twisting on the first 3 inches of each loc near the roots.
  5. Use both hands to palm roll the loc until the base of the loose hair joins into the original loc smoothly.
  6. After you’ve twisted the dread, clip it to hold it in the twisted position.
  7. Repeat this process for all other dreadlocks and then dry with a hairdryer. If you don’t like the heat of a hairdryer, consider styling your hair to hold the retwist and allow it to dry naturally.

Below is a YouTube video illustrating each step on how to retwist dreads

Retwisting Dreads Advantages and Disadvantages


  • It’s an easy and quick DIY method
  • Results in uniform and smooth dreadlocks


  • It’s not as permanent compared to other dreadlocks maintenance methods such as interlocking or crochet.
  • You’ll need some gel to hold the retwist and may contribute to residue build-up

How Long Does Retwisting Dreads Last?

Retwisted dreads last for around four weeks. If you work out and regularly wash your dreads, it won’t last long. This is why it’s recommended to retwist your dreads, keep it into a style and then wash with the style.

What hair types can do retwist?

This maintenance method works best with afro hair. This is because afro hair has a natural kink. For Asian and European hair, crochet maintenance is preferred over retwist maintenance.

Latest retwisting hairstyles

As earlier mentioned, keeping your retwist into a style will ensure that your maintenance will last longer.

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