Should You Moisturize Your Locs Everyday?

Should You Moisturize Your Locs Everyday

Hydration. It’s one of the most important things when it comes to your health. You’re made mostly of water so you need to make sure your body is replenished at all times. But what about your locs? Should you moisturize your locs everyday then?

Let’s break it down and get the scoop!

Why Are My Locs Dry?

To start with, let’s find out the reasons why your locs are dry:

Your shampoo has harsh detergents

Some shampoos contain very harsh detergents such as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) or Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate (ALS). These shampoos have a tendency to strip off the natural oil of your locs. Used regularly, these shampoos can lead to dry hair. This is why they should be only use to clarify dreadlocks once a while to remove residues. For a regular use, we would advise you to pick a SLS, ALS and residue free shampoo that was created especially to care for your precious locs. Learn how to wash your locs right here.

You have colored or bleached your locs.

Coloring hair, especially permanent colours, involves chemicals that penetrate each hair cuticle, enter the hair cortex and react with the pigment in your hair. The lighter your target colour is, the most detrimental it is to your locs. Bleach is the most harmful lightening chemical you can use to your hair and can lead to dryness and breakage.

Your hair is thirsty for some healthy moisture.

You probably haven’t moisturize your hair regularly enough or you have been using the wrong products. Did you know that oil doesn’t moisturise locs? It only soften it. Did you also know that using products with coconut oil or protein too often can lead to dryness? We provided you with a great recipe moisturizing recipe that you can do right at home!

You have too much buildup.

If you notice that your hair has collected residue made of lint or styling products, go for a deep cleanse that will wash them off. The buildup could be acting as a barrier that simply doesn’t allow the moisture to penetrate your locs.

Watch the video to see how bleach can lead to breakage.

Should You Moisturize Your Locs Everyday?

There is no need to introduce moisture to your locs every single day, especially if your hair doesn’t need it. You should only do it on a need-to basis, meaning when they start to feel dry or brittle. You also need to use the right product.

Dreadlock Moisturizing Products

Contrary to popular belief, applying oil directly to your locs won’t hydrate them. It will make them softer to the touch and perhaps less brittle. But it won’t add much in terms of moisture. That’s why you need a mixture of oil and water to moisturize your locs.

Here’s the simple recipe for a moisturizing spray for your locs:

  • 50ml distilled water (you can also use rose water or aloe vera juice)
  • 45ml vegetable oil (such as grapeseed or almond oil)
  • 5 drops essential oil (rosemary or tea tree oil)
  • 5ml glycerin
  • 5 drops Vitamin E

Mix all the ingredients together in a spraying container. Your spray is ready. Make sure to keep it in your fridge to preserve it from bacteria proliferation. You should keep your spray only a few weeks. If it starts smelling, you should not use it anymore.

How to Moisturize Your Locs?

  1. Shake your moisturizing spray and spray loosely on your locs.
  2. Press them to allow the product to soak in.
  3. You can spray again when you feel the need to.
  4. Spray your locs as often as needed.

How to Soften Your Dreadlocks

  1. Apply the oil of your choice on your dreads. Insist on the tips of your locs. Coconut oil is great for damaged, coloured or wek dreads. If your hair is sensitive to coconut oil, apply sweet almond oil instead. You could also apply Soften My Dreadlocks oil made with 100% natural oils.
  2. Press gently the oil on your dreads
  3. Re-apply as often as needed.
Love Locs Natural Softening dreadlock Oil avocado
Love Locs Natural Softening Dreadlock Oil

Having the right info is the first step toward healthy and beautiful locs. We hope we’ve helped you in your dreadlock journey!

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