The benefits of rose water for locs

The benefits of rose water for locs

Adding rose water to your locs routine will not only nourish your dreadlocks but its pleasant smell and antioxidant properties can also help restore your hair to its full potential.

The rose water benefits for your locs are endless: between moistuizing dry dreadlocks to soothing irritated scalp and fighting frizz. Read on to learn more about rose water for hair.

How rose water is made

Rose water can be made by:

  • steeping (soaking) rose petals in water.
  • collecting the byproduct of rose essential oil distillation.

Steam-distillation is the most authentic rosewater production method.

How to make rose water
Rose water is a byproduct of the production of rose essential oil.
How to make rosewater
Steam-distillation is the authentic rosewater production method.

For 1 litre of rosewater, you need around 1 kg of roses to be picked.

The Damask roses are boiled with water in large copper pots, where the fragrant vapour (condensation) is collected and it becomes an aromatic fluid that called rose water.

Watch the video below to discover how rosewater is made:

Iran supplies 90% of rosewater around the world.

Benefits of rose water for locs

Spraying your locs and scalp with rose water topically can have many benefits:

Support scalp health

Because rose water is a mild astringent meaning that can constrict the skin to prevent excess oil production, it helps to clarify the scalp.

Rose water helps to prevent dandruff formation by reducing excess oil production. It also has natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe irritated scalps.

rose water hydrating dreadlocks spray
Rose Water Hydrating Loc Spray

Notes: Rose water should complement a balanced routine with regular shampoo to prevent excess of oil and dandruff. You should wash your hair at least once a week to keep a healthy scalp.

Moisturises dry locs while fighting frizz

Rose water is an excellent frizz-fight moisturizer and can provide hydration to dry locs. It also may increase shine.

Rose water: a natural perfume for your locs

If not for the many scalp and frizz-fighting moisturising benefits, many people use rose water on their locs simply for its pleasant, fresh-cut rose aroma.

Rose water natural perfume for locs
Rose water natural perfume for locs

How to use rose water for locs

You can either buy your rose water available on the market or make your own at home. Rose water can be applied directly to your locs and scalp to enjoy its many benefits.

Post-washing rinse

  • Use rosewater as a final rinse after shampooing to restore your hydration levels.
  • Apply a few drops of your favourite oil to seal in hydration.
  • Dry your dreadlocks naturally and using the hairdryer set on medium heat.

Spray your dreadlocks and scalp

Apply rose water onto your scalp and your locs to help with frizz and give your dreadlocks a great scent.

Dab onto your itchy scalp

  • Apply rose water directly onto the scalp using a cotton ball and gently massage the rose water into the skin.
  • Follow with your anti-dandruff shampoo.
  • Regular washes using an anti-dandruff shampoo and using rosewater on your scalp should help reducing dandruff and itching.

How to make your own rosewater

Are you thinking of making your own rose water at home? You can make rose water by simmering plucked rose petals or by distillation.

Rosewater for locs recipes
You can make rose water by simmering plucked rose petals or by distillation.

Simmering method

  • Add rose petals to a pot and cover the petals with distilled water.
  • Allow the water to simmer until the petals lose their colour.

Distillation method

  • Place a bowl in the centre of a pot and put petals and distilled water in the pot.
  • Cover the pot with the lid upside down and place ice cubes in the lid.
  • Bring the pot to a boil and then allow it to simmer until the petals lose their colour.

Rosewater for locs recipes

Check out the video of Ray from West Indie Ray where she shares her rose water loc tonic recipe.

What you’ll need: a spray / mist bottle, rose water, distilled water, aloe vera juice, and your favourite essential oils of your choice.

How to make Ray’s rose water loc tonic:

  • Fill your spray bottle halfway with distilled water,
  • Add about 2 ounces (around 60ml) of aloe vera juice.
  • Add a few drops of each of the essential oils to the blend.
  • Fill the bottle up with rose water.
  • Shake well. Spray on your locs as often as needed.
  • Keep into your fridge.

How often can rose water be used on your locs?

Rose water is gentle enough for everyday use.

Can rosewater be used on all hair types?

Because rosewater is really gentle, it has not been shown to have adverse effects on any hair types.