Women Dreadlocks Styles: 2019 Tips and Tricks

main image women dreadlocks styles

Women dreadlocks styles are considered to be perfect because they are versatile and they allow you to express yourself in fun and creative ways like no other style can. This is also the reason why they are still going strong in 2019 after they’ve already spent the last few years topping ladies’ preferences. But what if I told you that you can combine your beloved dreadlocks with the latest trends, such as non-natural colors and extreme blondes? Are you curious to know more? Read below.

Women Dreadlocks Styles in Non-natural Colors

The past couple of years have been witness to the rise of the non-natural color. The trend caught on like nothing else and spread like wild fire, so much so that it spurred cosmetic companies to put out entire ranges of over the counter dyes that you safely use at home to color your hair pink, purple or green with guaranteed results.

Therefore, it was only natural, pun intended, to combine non-natural colors with dreadlocks, simply because they are the two most awesome trends of the year. The two-tone or harlequin approach is still big with the ladies this year. The example I chose showcases neon pink and blue with just a touch of green and yellow, but feel free to select your favorite colors!

Women Dreadlocks Styles non natural colors harlequin

One of the easiest ways in which you can add a pop of color to your hair is by trying synthetic women dreadlocks styles. They are typically made of yarn and just look how cool they are! This is a combination of candy floss pink, sugar blue, and tangerine orange.

Synthetic women dreadlocks styles lollipop

Speaking of orange, let’s take a look at a non-conventional color in its family. World meet ginger. There was a time when people were trying to get as far away from this color as possible but now it’s celebrated everywhere, especially in the form of dreadlocks.

ginger women dreadlocks styles

There is absolutely no way you can go wrong with a color as classy as wine. It belongs to the red family and it’s closely related to burgundy. Non-natural dreadlocks just took a turn for the elegant! Let’s stay in the red family one moment longer to take a look at mermaid pink, a perfect color for spring, when everything is in bloom.

wine red women dreadlocks styles
mermaid pink women dreadlocks styles

Women Dreadlocks Styles for Weddings

There is no denying that, as the decades progress, people are moving further away from traditional weddings. This is a fantastic thing because it allows brides to express themselves more outside the classic cannon when it comes to wedding dresses, makeup, and hair.

Dreadlocks have played a huge part in that, giving brides all over the world a gorgeous alternative to standard buns or updos, such as this magnificent fishtail braid decorated with strings of pearls and white roses.

pearls flowers women dreadlocks styles wedding

Natural dreads work as well for you big day, even if they are shorter. All you have to do is decorate them with flowers. I suggest you choose the same ones you are using in your wedding bouquet for consistency. These are small, white jasmine blossoms.

jasmine wedding women dreadlocks styles

However, if you’re planning the classiest wedding this side of the 2010s has seen, don’t fret. There are women dreadlocks styles you can try for that as well. This is a beautiful coiled updo that has been decorated with a classic silver wedding hair accessory with rhinestones. You can swap them for diamonds if you’re a big spender!

clsassy updo wedding women dreadlocks styles

Another type of wedding hairstyle you can try when you have dreadlocks is this elegant updo. It’s perfect if your wedding dress has a beautiful top part that deserves to be shown off. Decorate it with small pearl bobby pins.

wedding elegant women dreadlocks styles

However, I think that the cherry on the wedding cake goes to this 1940s Old Hollywood-inspired low bun made entirely out of dreadlocks. The glamour and luxury of this hairstyle are complimented perfectly by the blonde highlights. Match them with theatrical jewelry and red lipstick. What else?

40 old hollywood glamour wedding women dreadlocks styles

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Women Dreadlocks Styles for Extreme Blondes

Last year was the year of the extreme blonde. The world forgot that there ever existed other shades of blonde and simply went extreme. I’m talking, of course, about arctic blonde, ice blonde, platinum blonde, and every shade in between. When you combine them with dreadlocks, you get absolute perfection.

extreme blonde three strand braid women dreadlocks styles

One way of making your extreme blonde women dreadlocks styles look even more interesting is by adding some peekaboo highlights. This is an example in which forest green peekaboos have been introduced among the extreme blonde locs. They look amazing against the arctic background of the dreads.

green peekaboo highlight blonde women dreadlocks styles

This shade of extreme blonde is called chai blonde and you can see it paired here with a gorgeous set of baby bangs. Last year everyone went nuts after Emma Watson got hers. Therefore, baby bangs made a huge comeback. They are still a major trend in 2019, which means you can go right ahead for the cut. Tip – Talk to you stylist and see if they are the right choice for your type of face.

baby bangs extreme blonde women dreadlocks styles

If your dreadlocks are super long, you can easily wear them in a ponytail. This is the white sands shade of blonde and the amazing thing about it is that you can pair it off with any type of makeup you want, from smoky eyes to ballerina pinks and red lips.

ponytail extreme blonde women dreadlocks styles

The easiest way to wear your long dreads is still casually down your back. Not to mention that extreme blondes look best in the cold season. But that doesn’t mean they don’t transition well to the other seasons too. You just need to make the few adjustments I’ve already mentioned, such as peekaboo highlights and appropriate makeup.

long women dreadlocks styles

The fun part about dreads is that they can become absolutely anything you want as long as you style them correctly. That’s why there are so many women dreadlocks styles perfect for every occasion, from going to the gym every morning to meetings in the office to your amazing wedding day. Talk to your stylist about all the gorgeous options you have!