How To Sleep With Dreadlocks

How to sleep with dreadlocks

Did you just get your dreads and you’re looking into the best way to sleep with your new dreadlocks?

Are you looking for a comfy solution to sleep that will help you keep your dreads looking neat longer?

Below are tips on how to have a good night sleep when you have dreadlocks without damaging your dreads and reducing frizz.

Should you cover your dreadlocks when you sleep?

We recommend covering your dreadlocks while you sleep.

  1. You’ll minimize the risk of breakage. If you toss and turn while sleeping but your dreadlocks are exposed, you might accidentally pull them during the night. Worst: you might wake up to see that a dreadlock has broken-off while you were sleeping.
  2. You’ll protect your dreadlocks against lint. Covering your dreads while sleeping will help protecting your hair from attracting lint and debris from your bed.

How to sleep with dreadlocks: sleep on a satin pillowcase

Cotton pillowcases are abrasive and can cause friction against your dreads, create more frizz and can potentially damage your dreadlocks in the long term.

Sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcases will be more gentle and help to prevent frizzing and roughing your dreads, preserving your maintenance longer. Thus saving you money 🙂

And apparently is better for the skin too. Sleeping on a satin pillowcase can reduce wrinkles as the fabric is soft to touch and will allow your face to glide against the pillowcase.

The difference between silk and satin pillowcases

Silk is naturally made from silk worms. On the other hand, satin is an industrially produced material. Both fabrics are beneficial to your dreads.

So for the vegan dreadheads amongst us, you’ll prefer a satin pillowcase instead.

silk pillowcase sleep dreadlocks
Silk pillowcases for dreadlocks

Cover your locs with a durag

Durags are one the best way to protect your dreadlocks against frizz and lint while sleeping, especially for short to medium length locs.

Made with soft and lightweight material, they are a breathable solution. You can tie your durag as tight as you need to to avoid it to come off.

If you work in a dusty environment like a building site for example, you might want to consider wearing a durag during the day to protect your dreads against residues.

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Sleeping scarf for dreadlocks
Sleeping scarf for dreadlocks

Wear a dread sock / dread tube

Longer dreadlocks would prefer sleeping in a dread sock or a dread tube as the fabric will also protect the length of the dreadlocks against frizz and lint.

Stretch open the tube and scrunch it up, pull it down to your neck, pull your dreads up and out then push it back onto your head and into position.

This is the best solution for covering long dreadlocks.

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cover dreads with at night

How to sleep with dreads: wear a bonnet

Alternatively, you can wear a sleeping bonnet to protect your dreadlocks at night. Most of them are satin lined and will help preserve your dreads against frizz.
Although sleeping bonnets can be quite wide, they are better solution for short to medium length locs.

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Wrap your dreads with a scarf

Another way to cover your dreadlocks will sleeping is to wrap your dreadlocks with a satin or silk scarf. It will be more gentle on your dreads than a cotton scarf.

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Below are a few videos to help you wrap your dreads with a scarf:

Wear your dreadlocks in a high bun

If you prefer not to cover your dreads while sleeping, roll your dreads up in a bun and tie them with a scarf or a large elastic bands. Make sure it’s not too tight to protect your scalp from pulling.

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Sleeping with dreads uncovered
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